Jamboree & a-n partnership

a-n The Artists Information Company have been supporting the development of Jamboree since 2015 when they came on board to offer essential funding towards the pilot project Jamboree #1 Plymouth.

As well as helping to fund the first Jamboree, a-n also sent artist Julie McCalden to attend the workshop as an observer-reporter, who worked with LOW PROFILE and the participants to create a blog documenting the workshop and offering a critical insight into the value and impact of this initiative.

A nudge of encouragement

It sometimes takes some extra encouragement from elsewhere to consider taking on a project that you know will be a big undertaking and a-n in many ways provided that to LOW PROFILE, through an invitation to consider where we would like to take Jamboree next and through the support of a mentor (Lucy Day) to work with us on the development of our idea and feedback on our ACE Grants for the Arts funding application.

Why are a-n supporting Jamboree 2018?

“As a long-term supporter of the artist led, a-n is keen to champion artist-driven initiatives. Jamboree #1 Plymouth showed the impact peer-led professional development can have on artists’ practice and potential. It was a natural next step for a-n to support the development of Jamboree 2018. Our support will focus on providing both people and finance to help the event take place. We are excited to take part and see the results of our partnership which provides the perfect opportunity to encourage experimentation and conversation, extend networks and disseminate learning”.  a-n The Artists Information Company

About a-n

a-n is the largest artists’ membership organisation in the UK with over 21,000 members. We support artists and those who work with them in many practical ways, acting on behalf of our membership and the visual arts sector to improve artists’ livelihoods.

We have been leading and influencing policy and sectoral best practice for almost 40 years with our members’ needs, interests and concerns as a central focus. By being part of a-n, members not only benefit from the nuts and bolts of the tools, guides, insurance, bursaries, jobs and opportunities, events and resources we provide but also have an opportunity to lend their voice and weight to the advocacy work we carry out on behalf of the sector.

We offer a range of annual memberships for artists, organisations, students and higher education – see:a-n.co.uk/join

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