Jamboree 2018 – LOW PROFILE’s Goodbye Toast

On the last day of Jamboree 2018, LOW PROFILE made a crowd-sourced Goodbye Toast for all Jamboree Participants. They were joined by participants on Sunday at 1pm in saying “goodbye” & “hello” to a range of things participants would like to leave behind and things they’d like to welcome into their life…

LOW PROFILE ended Jamboree 2018 with a bespoke, crowdsourced “Goodbye Toast” – you can read the full text below…

photo credits: Andy Ford, Hannah Cochrane & Dom Moore

Goodbye Toast, Jamboree 2018 

Goodbye To Peril
To Being A lone wolf or a lone voice
Goodbye to Closed chapters
To exclusive institutions
& Inequality

Goodbye to over thinking
To Revolution
& Artwork anxiety
Goodbye to art schools run like businesses
Goodbye to Feeling unworthy of getting opportunities
To Inept management
& Sausage Art

Goodbye to Lauren

Goodbye to Dogma
My degree
& Employment
Goodbye to Isolation
& Horse flies

Goodbye to Presentation anxiety

Goodbye to Unused empty buildings
To Exhaustion and overworking
Goodbye to fitting in to the system
& to anxiety about output pressure

Goodbye to Hot heady summer weekend topiary bourgeois estate lifestyle swimming, pizza, wine, bliss, art. Talking, walking, getting away from it. All space to choose, think, evaluate your place. Divine inspiration. Everything aligned.

Goodbye to 71% of artists getting no fee for publicly funded exhibitions
Goodbye to worrying too much about what other people think

Hello to Free unmediated artist to artist conversations without any agenda
Hello to Flattened hierarchy
Slow burn not sunburn
& Changing the world however slowly

Hello to Dawn walks & silent swims
To Crossing great distances
& Imagining other futures
Hello to Flying kites in the rain
& to communal making

Hello to my own terms & conditions.
To Humans on planet, off planet. And Animals.
Hello to Revolution
New chapters
& Going on residencies

Hello to Taking time
& To Making time for a better work life balance
Hello to The F word. Funding. Not what you thought.
Hello to An ethically responsible artworld

Hello to Useful art
The beach
& Morning light

Hello to Doing
Fair play
Ecologies of care
& Mince art

Hello to Parasites
Payment policies
Happy healthy high streets
& Biodiversity

Hello to Graduate life
Art applied to all subjects
& Art schools run by artists

Hello to Defining success for myself
& to Proper inclusion

Hello to Love
New friends
Stopping to breathe & swim

Hello to Paying artists
Howling, dancing, sweating
Lionel Richie & and the Mouth of the wolf

Hello to Tentacular artists connections in infinite configurations  

Hello to Paying attention to our bodies in water 
To great artists who are great mothers
& to all howling together

Hello to Collaboration, communication, collectives and to having eachother’s backs.

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