Jamboree 2018 – Video & Moving Image Screenings

At Jamboree 2018, nightly screenings of participants’ short video-works or project documentation gave artists & curators an opportunity to share their work with other participants. If you missed it, you can watch the videos here by clicking the links below…

photo credit: Andy Ford

Selection of experimental shorts from BEEF

A short selection of films made by BEEF artists and friends. Bristol Experimental Expanded Film (BEEF) is a film and sound collective supporting experimental practice in Bristol, with their current residence in the artist led space The Brunswick Club. BEEF provides an independent platform for artists’ production, distribution and critical engagement, predominantly focusing on experimental and analogue practices. BEEF members work together to organise a regular programme of events, screenings, performances, exhibitions, residencies, and film & sound workshops.

BEEF members are a mix of artists, curators, producers, organisers, writers, teachers and academics: Al Cameron, Yas Clarke, Melanie Clifford, Stephen Cornford, Katie Davies, Matt Davies, Louisa Fairclough, Sam Francis, Kathy Hinde, David Hopkinson, Howard Jacques, Elisa Kay, Kim Knowles, Dani Landau, Eliza Lomas, Rod Maclachlan, Shirley Pegna, Laura Phillips, Niyaz Saghari, Marcy Saude, Vicky Smith, Oliver Sutherland, Snoozie, Zoe Tissandier

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A cap, like water, transparent fluid yet with definite body, 2018. H.D video, 14m45s. Bryony Gillard with contributions from Autobitch, Viki Browne, Maggie Nicols, Dannie Spooner and D-M Withers.

Jamboree Screenings #1 & #2

A programme of Jamboree participants’ short moving image works or project documentation compiled by LOW PROFILE.

All passwords below shared with permission of the artists

Isobel Adderley, W E F E W (8mins 24)
watch online   password = 0000

Laura Hopes, Crazywell (6mins 45 )
watch online

Alice White, Back to the Future (7mins 33)
watch online

Jenny Cashmore, In and out (building circuits) #1 (3mins 22)
watch online

Naomi Frears, The Proposal (4mins 45)
watch online

Claire Tindale, The Stamp Collector (2mins 57)
watch online  password = stampcollector

Lucy Steggals, Varosity (2min 36)
watch online

Liam Jolly, what cannot be said we must pass over in silence (9min 56)
watch online

Thomas Goddard, Idle Hands are the Devil’s Play thing (2mins 28 sec)
watch online

Sabrina Fuller, Part of something bigger (4mins 33)
watch online

Gabrielle Hoad, Megan Calver and Susie David, Throw only to an alert catcher (9min 46)
watch online

Thomas Goddard, Chew Chew (2mins 55 sec)
watch online

Sophie Bullock, Things That Say No (4mins 41)
watch online

Sophie Bullock, Larks (1min 42)
watch online

Alice Mahoney, Consumption 1 (38 secs)
watch online

Sinéad Bhreathnach Cashell, Film Makers: Nicola Gates (6min 38)
watch online

Alice Mahoney, Consumption 2 (2mins 6 secs)
watch online

Rachael Allain, Supra et Infra Maris (5mins 58)
watch online  password = Supra et Infra Maris

Naomi Frears, Let Go (2mins 42)
watch online  password = Visions

Megan Broadmeadow, A Corruption of Mass (2min 41)
watch online

Lucy Steggals, Ding Lee & A Lizard (2mins 51)
watch online

Simon Bayliss, Kangaroo Beach (5 mins 19)
watch online

LOW PROFILE, Impromptu (1min 54 sec)
watch online

Isobel Adderley, Q W A K E (3mins 30)
watch online

Bryony Gillard, A cap, like water, transparent, fluid yet with definite body (14mins 57)
watch online  password = 

Laura Hindmarsh, Woman with Man with Mirror (8mins 59 sec)
watch online

Megan Broadmeadow, Let The Stars Be Set Upon The Board (4min 34)
watch online

Sophie Chapman and Kerri Jefferis, Fuck it, Lets Make a Band (9mins 57)
watch online



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