Jamboree 2018 – Archive

Jamboree 2018  //  28th June — 1st July 2018

Jamboree 2018 brought together 150 visual artists, curators & programmers from around the UK in a relaxed outdoor setting, on the Dartington Estate near Totnes, Devon, UK.

Jamboree 2018  was developed by LOW PROFILE in response to their position as artists who struggle to meet other artists, curators and programmers for a range of reasons including money, geography, time, other work and family commitments.

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LOW PROFILE invited the event’s participants (artists, curators and programmers  from across the UK) to co-deliver a 4-day programme of presentations, micro-exhibitions, activities and discussions to share practice. Jamboree 2018 also offers the chance to stop, engage, interact and recharge in a positive, critically-engaged environment.

Jamboree 2018 - Seminars
For Jamboree 2018, LOW PROFILE invited a range of artists & curators to lead structured seminars, focused on workshopping around ...
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Jamboree 2018 - 20:20 Talks
20:20 Talks
Quickfire presentations by attendees introducing their arts practice and projects to the Jamboree audience. 20:20 talks uses the pecha kucha ...
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Jamboree 2018 - Walks & Talks
Walks & Talks
At Jamboree 2018, Walks & Talks were artist or curator-led, mobile (walking, moving, pausing) outdoor discussion groups, focused on specialist ...
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Jamboree 2018 - Communal Making Sessions
Communal Making Sessions
Artist led practical sessions exploring an element of an artist’s practice that benefits from communal making or participation. Explore the ...
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Jamboree 2018 - Camp Shop & Miniatures
Camp Shop & Minatures
The Jamboree Camp Shop stocked small scale affordable artworks, limited editions and ephemera by Jamboree attendees (for sale), alongside an ...
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Jamboree 2018 - Video & Moving Image Screenings
Video & Moving Image Screenings
At Jamboree 2018, nightly screenings of participants' short video-works or project documentation gave artists & curators an opportunity to share ...
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Jamboree 2018 - Guest DJs
Guest DJs
On Saturday night, Jamboree 2018's Guest DJs gave participants the opportunity to chill out and maybe even break out some ...
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Jamboree 2018 - LOW PROFILE's Goodbye Toast
LOW PROFILE's Goodbye Toast
On the last day of Jamboree 2018, LOW PROFILE made a crowd-sourced Goodbye Toast for all Jamboree Participants. They were ...
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Jamboree 2018 - Writing, Reviews & Feedback
Writing, Reviews & Feedback
Explore the Jamboree 2018 archive & programme strands by following the links below: Back to the Jamboree 2018 Archive Seminars ...
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Download the Jamboree 2018 programme & overview of activities

You can also view & download the full Jamboree 2018 programme and timetable, and see short videos of the types of things that happened day-by-day at Jamboree 2018 by following the link below:

Jamboree 2018 Programme Overview