Walk & Talks: Tracing the Pathway – Home is where the art is

We are expats of a maligned, ignored and often laughed-at town. We seek those who left their hometown through a lack of opportunity, support or creative energy but are torn by a sense of pride, identity, home and homeliness. We’re looking for the patriots, expatriates and ex-patriots of towns and cities to consider why creatives make geographical career moves, what triggers these patterns of migration and how these moves impact the cultural identity of their said “jilted” town.

Equally, we seek those who have never felt the need to move from their city, wanting to better understand what infrastructures are necessary to develop a city with a strong artistic identity. Come share your opinions of your home city, and your thoughts on what creative possibilities and artistic opportunities can be hosted in these towns. Together we’d like to see what is possible if we nurture the culture of these places, rather than escaping to pre-existing vibrant spaces.

photo credits: Rachel Dobbs 

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