Jamboree 2018: Seminar Leader – Sonya Dyer

Sonya Dyer is an artist, writer and occasional curator from London, whose practice utilises dialogical platforms, reproductive technologies and moving image. She has developed projects and shown work across the UK, was a Fellow of the Whitney Museum: Independent Study Program and has previously worked as Curator, Public Programmes at Tate Modern and Tate Britain.

How are we going to live with each other in the future?

The Italian philosopher Franko ‘Biffo’ Beradi suggests that late capitalism has effectively stolen the imaginative space we need to imagine the future. If we take the task of creating the future as a creative act that is both individual and collective, how might art help us in this act of reclamation?

What new ways of being can we forge? Which old ways must we not forget? How do we make space to make art in the midst of our contradictions? Who gets to make the future?

photo credits: Andy Ford

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